jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010

Homework 1º E.S.O

Click on the link below the questions and look for the information


1. When did the Persians and the Greeks fight each other?

2. Where did the Persian army wait for the Greeks?

3. How many Persian soldiers and Greek soldiers were there?

4. What was the Greek messenger's name?

5. Where did he go and what for?

6. How many days was he running?

7. What did the Spartans tell Pheidipides?

8. Who won the fight?

9. What did Pheidipides tell the Greeks?

10.How many kilometres was he running this time?

11.What hapenned when he arrived to Athens?

12.When was the first marathon race of the modern Olympic Games?

13.Who won it?

14.What did Spiridon do for a living?

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